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Driving Change

We all know that change is in our hands. That the future is 100% electric, and that there is no place for compromises, in sustainable motoring or in driving experience. Discover BYD’s fully electric fleet, and join us in a journey toward better tomorrows.

BYD Home Charging

You have two very simple home charging options available to you

BYD Domestic Cable Charging

Every BYD customer is provided with a domestic charging cable. This cable allows you to charge at home using your standard domestic three-pin plug socket. Simply plug the charging cable into the socket and plug the charging connector into your vehicle. Lock your car and charging will start immediately. Couldn't be simpler. Your BYD Dealer will, of course, be very happy to demonstrate this charging process for you.

BYD Domestic Cable Charging

The wall-box charging solution is a convenient and even faster charging option. You simply take your BYD wall-box charging cable, which is supplied with all new BYD vehicles, connect it to the wall-box and plug it into your BYD car charging connector, lock your car and charging commences. When your BYD vehicle is charged, unlock your car, unplug the charging cable and you’re done.

It couldn't be simpler

Your BYD Dealer will be very happy to demonstrate this charging process for you and provide you with full details of the BYD home wall-box charging solution. They will also advise you of the wall-box costs and the Government grants, which are currently available to all customers. In both cases, power consumption is taken from your domestic supply and billed as usual via your electricity provider.

MY BYD Cloud Connected App

The direct link between your car and the outside world. For a unique smart experience.

Remote control of the vehicle makes it easier and more convenient to use

Through the BYD APP, you can remotely perform operations such as door unlock/lock, air conditioning control, driver/passenger seat ventilation/heating, flashing lights/flashing lights and whistle, etc., making the car more convenient and enjoying a worry-free experience.


In Preset, you can control the temperature remotely, turn the air conditioner on or off and select the circulation mode

Individual Centre

You can manage your BYD vehicles and personalised settings in the personal centre.

Take care of your car at any time, even when you are thousands of miles away

The status of the vehicle’s power, doors and windows, tire pressure, mileage, power supply gear, charging status, etc. can be checked at any time through the BYD APP. Pay more attention to your car, the more relieved you will be.

Door and window states

Seat heating/cooling

Tyre pressures

Door and window states

Seat heating/cooling

Tyre pressures

MY BYD Cloud Connected App

Download BYD app and unlock the functions immediately!

*Depending on the model and feature of your vehicle, the availability of the services may vary.