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The "BYD  Malta" website ( managed by GasanZammit Motors Ltd., keeps you up to date with BYD's global information and advertising about BYD’s products and services, and more. The products presented by BYD on this website are intended for the Malta market only. 


All the statistics, data quoted for the vehicles on this website are measured in a controlled environment in accordance with the applicable laws. The measurement is performed on a standard production vehicle. In practice, the performance of the vehicles could be affected by the factors such as weather conditions, load, tire pressure, driving behavior, etc.


Please note that the prices shown on our website [are indicative only] and do not constitute an offer for the sale of BYD's products and services. The prices may be subject to change depending on factors such as the particular specification of a vehicle.


Our vehicles, other products and services (together referred to in these terms as “vehicles”) are sold in the Europe through approved dealers. Please note that whilst such dealers sell BYD vehicles, they are not acting as agents for BYD. These terms do not apply to websites operated by dealers and each dealer’s website shall be subject to its own terms of use.


Test drives are offered subject to status, terms and conditions and vehicle and dealer availability. For more information about booking a test drive, please contact us.


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Last update: 15 September, 2023